Kayak Republic is a great mix Copenhagen, kayaks and water!

Kayak Republic
Kayak Republic has nearly ten years of experience leading tours and workshops for water enthusiasts.
We offer Kayaking courses and guided tours through the canals of Copenhagen, as well as kayak rentals and storage facilities.
We have also hosted a variety of customized company events centered around invigorating water activities, relaxation and homemade meals made canal-side.
Our hip and attentive staff will take care of you both in the café and in the kayaks.

Kayak Bar
Did you know Kayak Bar has its own website? If you are looking for what we do besides kayaking, look no further!
Check out our webpage to see upcoming musical events, daily menu listings and more! Or, if you have a better idea, book your own private kayak fest!

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Kayak Republic
Børskaj 12
1221 Copenhagen K

Telephone: + 45 2288 4989
Email: mail@kayakrepublic.dk