2.295,- DKK
Date and time:
Duration: 16 hours

Get a great start to kayaking with the IPP2 course!
This is a beginners course for those who want to learn more than basics. This course offers intensive training in fundamental technics and safety drills, making you capable of safe paddling on warm summer days.

The course is composed of 4 modules each 4 hours long. This can either be finished in two whole-day sessions or four evening sessions. The goal of this course is to develop your abilities enough so you are able to take paddling day trips along the coast.

You will be introduced to the world of sea kayaking, learn different techniques for maneuvering the kayak, handling basic safety drills and learn practices so you can avoid injuries.

We hope to build upon your experience and help you get a feeling for the way your kayak feels on the water.