RENT OUR FINNISH barrel sauna


All men are created equal; but no place more than in a sauna.”

Now you have the chance to change your body temperature in a gathering of your desire.

Cold, rain, wind, snow and ice – there are many good reasons to go for a sauna. The heat provides you and your group warmth in body and mind, and gives you the surplus to meet the challenges of winter.

Kayak Republic reserves the right to reject customers who do not behave properly, have been drinking too much, destroy equipment, do not comply with our guidelines and injunctions, or otherwise misbehave.

The sauna can assemble 8 people at a time.

It is forbidden to jump in the harbor and swim at the Kayak Bar. Instead, we encourage you to use the buckets at the sauna, fill them with cold sea water and take a shower, so you don’t miss out on half the fun and some of the health benefits. You will feel incredibly alive!

Dinner in a rustic setting?

Do you and your company enjoy a dinner in a rustic setting? The Kayak Bar is ready to welcome you. At Kayak Bar, we love the unusual, the special and the good atmosphere. We see ourselves as an unconventional and original restaurant, who offer unforgettable experiences to our guests. Choose from one of our many menus and end the day in the best possible way, at our unique surroundings.