595,- DKK
2.295,- DKK


With the right kayaking training, you will lay the foundation for taking full advantage of the world’s best water activity: Kayaking!
Our kayaking courses are adapted to Danish conditions and follows the European standards.
The courses are based on Euro Paddle Pass (IPP standards), ensuring you experience and security in the kayak – for you and your fellow kayakers.

The courses are divided into levels:

  • EPP1 Intro Course
  • EPP2 Beginner’s Course
  • EPP3 Intermediate Course

The courses will go through everything from paddle techniques and buddy rescues, to paddling in windy weather conditions with foam on the waves.
We take you through the kayaking ABC, and our aim is to make you a knowledgeable captain of your own vessel.

Safety is top priority for us, and you will be taken through theory and practical training, ensuring you a both safe and fun time on the water. Find your kayaking course at the top of the page ⬆