Rent a kayak FAQ

Kayak Republic accept cash & creditcard.
Kayak Republic do have bathe facilities.
We have lockers, you do not have to bring your own lock.

We have wetsuits and paddlejackets for no extra charge, on cold days it´s good idea to have woolen underwear under the wetsuit. We do also recommend to wear a hat and gloves. At warm days is fine with running gear / swimsuits without a wetsuit.
It is your responsibility if you bring small children, but a double sit on top has actually room for two adults and two small children.
Yes, all city tours are in double sea kayaks and guided by an instructor. Or if You can show equivalent experience. Are we doubt we would like to see various rescue drills in the water.
You must book yourself into an EPP course. EPP1 course is a good taste of kayaking. If you are ready to jump into the world of sea kayaking then you should book a EPP2 beginner’s course, and learn all the techniques and rescues.
In two hours you can reach well around the center, both for The Opera House, Christianshavn harbor. and a trip around Christiansborg Palace.

Courses FAQ

Yes, you do not need to take EPP1 intro course first. Anyone can go directly to EPP2 beginners course.
No you can not, it is important you complete your course chronologically.
No, it is the customer responsibility to make sure they can swim. We do trust them when they say they can swim.


– Can swim at least 150 meters and has sufficient good health and physical fitness.

– Is the age of 18 or with an adult who will take charge.

If you do not meet these requirements, you can still get kayaking, but only with an instructor. You have to be 100% sober to get on the water. Whether there is an instructor or not.

Please contact us if you have further questions.