From 195,- DKK


Rental of SUP:

Groups larger than 4 SUP boards must book a tour with a guide.

Rent a SUP Board:

To rent a SUP board, you must be able to swim at least 150 meters and have sufficient good health and physical shape to be on the water. Young people under the age of 18 must have an instructor or adult who takes responsibility for the young person in writing.  One must be sober to get on the water, whether accompanied by an instructor or not. All stated rental prices are including all necessary equipments – SUP board, paddle, leash, life jacket and wetsuit, as well as a map of possible routes in the harbor. It will be possible to borrow a locked cupboard for the belongings you do not want to carry on with you while paddling. Kindly note that SUP is a physical activity where it requires some work to move around the harbor, and you are significantly affected by the wind, especially when you get up. Therefore, ask the rental staff about the wind direction, and feel free to plan the trip so that there is tailwind on the way back. There is always a risk of falling into the water and getting soaked – therefore bring only things you know can withstand it, as well as change of clothes after the trip. On hot days, we recommend swimwear, on the cooler days it will be possible to borrow a wetsuit from us. We also recommend sun protection.